I design, you choose, we create! November 18 2013

 A while ago, I designed a new jumpsuit, the Orchid. The flower and this jumpsuit not only have their name in common but their meaning as well,  they're both magnificent and bring a universal message of love, beauty, wisdom, thoughtfulness, luxury & strength. It's a beautiful piece that suits many and is already sold in a variety of colors. 

Last week some girls truly understood what quenb's all about! They loved the Orchid, but not as is. They asked me to work with their personality, body and the design and from this, we created a dress and a top. Both still have the elegance of the original design and are entirely different at the same time!

And that is what quenb is! You choose a garment from the collection and then we work with it. Length, width, neckline, sleeves,...everything will be created especially for you!

Party surprises November 13 2013

Every time there's a quenb show or home party, the trunk of my car fills up with mannequins, clothing racks, hangers, shoes, big mirrors and bags, bags, bags filled with fabric samples and the collection itself. And every time I load my car, I wonder what the neighbors think... If life was a movie, this scene could be about a girl moving out after a big fight (again and again) and then.. a couple of hours later, she's there again. Moving in again. Unloading every bag, dragging every thing out of the car, pushing it back into the house. :-)

I can load my car and move in to your place, any time. Just for a couple of hours. And, yes, we can do a quenb party, I wouldn't mind!

Had a gorgeous girls night! November 07 2013

 A happy big thank you to all the stunning girls and my super host from last night! We all had a blast. 
I was so happy to get some help from some of the ladies showing the tops, dresses and jumpsuits with me, I couldn't wish for better models! After we showed every single piece ,everyone tried on their favorite dresses and found the perfect fabric for it! So, now my needles will start sewing some magic!


Beware, Sharjah! November 05 2013

 Tomorrow night quenb will be in Sharjah! Thanks to my lovely host, Els, some gorgeous girls over there might get hooked! :-)
If you need an extra reason to get together with your friends, let it be a quenb party!

double love! November 04 2013

 A couple of days ago I got this lovely message on my phone from a happy client! I just love that she loves it! :-)

Share it with your friends! October 28 2013

 Last night's quenb party was super! A bunch of lovely girls enjoyed not only the quenb show, but the host booked some spa ladies who were spoiling them with mani-&pedicures! Lovely idea, isn't it?

Do you want to spoil yourself and your friends? Call me! ;-)


today's quenb home party! October 27 2013

 I know for sure this is Rana's (the host of today's quenb home party) favorite fabric! She attended a party a while ago and decided to host one at her place. As a "thank you", she will get a dress of her choice for free in this black fabric with big green leaves. Lucky her! :-)
I'm looking forward to show Rana and her friends all the quenb dresses, especially the 3(!) new ones!
Do you want to know what it's all about and get a free dress of your choice? Host a party, I'm sure you and your friends will just love it!

Free and fabulous! October 09 2013

Do you love to get presents? Would you like to get a fabulous and free (yes, free!!) quenb dress?
Book a home party this month and you will get a free dress of your choice

Contact me so we can set a date and time, invite a couple of your fashion loving friends and the quenb party can start. You and your friends will discover the entire quenb collection, some hidden treasures, lovely fabrics and this-month-only-specials, you can try on everything and order your custom made and unique dresses! You, as best host, will get your favorite quenb dress just like that! 

Wear some magic! September 30 2013

 Last night there was one happy girl wearing her new quenb dress. This knee length tube dress or Osmunda as we call it (all dresses are named after a flower or a plant because of the meaning. This one's meaning is "revere", to feel deep respect or admiration for something) looks just stunning!

quenb home party! September 29 2013

 We had another fabulous quenb home party yesterday! A big thank you to the lovely host and the very enthusiastic girls! They had a lot of fun trying on all the samples and choosing their favorite fabric. :-) As for the host, she got herself a free pair of skants, isn't she lucky?

Would you like to host a party and get a 10% of what's sold that day? Contact me, we'll set a date and a time, you invite 5-10 friends who like fun and fashion and while you catch up, I will show you the collection!
You can try on the garments and if you like, purchase them. They will be made especially for you and delivered in about 10 days!

More lollipops and dresses tomorrow! September 21 2013

 The first day of our POP-UP shop was a delight! Lots of gorgeous girls who will very soon get their special dress and even some real men choosing a BJ! (check it out on )

If you couldn't make it today, please pop in tomorrow for more lollipops, magic and dresses! Still at Falcon City, villa 0808, from 10 till 10! 

(BTW, tomorrow it's "wife appreciation day". Husbands, send your woman here to get herself a little something!) 

Sneak peek September 21 2013

Yes, now we are ready!! So, if you're still at the other side of the screen, get up and pop in! Today and tomorrow, both days from 10 till 10, we welcome you to come over, try any dress, find your favorite fabric and order your custom made dress! This little bit of magic is to be found in Falcon City, villa 0808!

2 days shopping spree! September 19 2013

We are só excited about this weekend! The last new pieces are picked up, fabrics are sorted and folded, mannequins get dressed and change clothes 7 times before it's ok (yes, just like real life girls! ;-)) and full racks of dresses are finding their perfect spot. There will be discounts, drinks, chances to win and a special guest! 

I do hope to welcome many of you on Saturday and Sunday, both days from 10 till 10!

A September to remember. September 15 2013

September 15, a day to remember! What started of as a small dream, is now a very real shop! Once we started and tried. Sometimes we failed but got up again! We dressed all kind of gorgeous girls and intend to keep on doing till there's a little magic in every closet!

I am living on a cloud April 20 2013

And so is our brand new website ! Soo happy I can shout it from the roof tops. 

Please share with all your friends and hope to chat soon xx griet