get to know quenb

At quenb we put the 'smart' back in smart casual - our clothes are wrinkle-free, light to wear, and ready for any occasion - one outfit to
 work / dinner / party.

Since 2009 we have been creating a collection perfectly fit for the busy, work-all-day, party-all-night-long, sunshine-all-year-through lifestyle in the desert states, created with a minimal ecological footprint.

We design and create your clothes with love to make you shine when you wear them - every moment of the day. x griet

     quenb is the first women's collection 

    • designed for the UAE
    • manufactured in the UAE
    • sold in the UAE
    • worn in the UAE 

Griet van den Auwelant

Artist and fashionista Griet is the lead designer for the quenb women's collection. With her creativity and pratical skills she ensures new designs are added to the collection on a regular basis.

Griet was raised near Antwerp, the fashion capital of Belgium. Daughter of an artist, she definitely has the right blood running through her veins.From a young age she was skilled in drawing and painting. Throughout her 29 years in this world practiced several art forms; from piano to painting, from pottery to bicycle design.She found her true passion in the fashion industry - with quenb she creates her first brand with very unique concept attached to it: She set out to redesign the fashion industry. Her vision is to manufacture collections adjusted to the location in the world where they are sold. At the same time keeping the fabrication process to a minimum ecological footprint. 

Wim Bonjean

Managing director of wietngrim fashion industries in charge of the quenb brand backoffice.

Wim is an entrepreneur with extensive experience working with fortune 500 brands in media and marketing for over 10 years. His skills as creative director and people manager add to the quenb spirit of innovation and growth.