custom tailored


How we create your perfectly fitting garment?

    1. you pick a garment and fabric in our store
    2. send us your sizes using the form below
    3. we tailor it according to your sizes
    4. you receive a perfect fitting garment

Get started here:

How to measure yourself?

Prepare: put an elastic band around your waist. Ask someone else to measure you, that way you can stand tall.

 Waist measure over the elastic, around the natural waistline. The measuring tape should not be tight!
Shoulders you measure across the back from the outside of one shoulder to the other one, on the same line as your armpits.
Full bust relax your arms, measure around the fullest part of your bust and around your shoulder blades. Keep the tape as straight as possible! 
Under bust measure in a straight line, right under your bust.
Arm width put your arm on your hip and measure around the fullest part of your upper arm.
Neck to floor put your chin to your chest and locate the most prominent bone at the base of your neck. Start from that point, all the way to the desired length. Make sure to wear the heels you want to wear under the dress!
Hip around the fullest part of your hips (15-20 cm under your natural waist) 

For pants and jumpsuits we will also need:

Inseam from the crotch seam down to the desired length of the pants.
Outseam from the waistband along the side of your leg all the way till the desired length.

For dresses we will also need:

Dress length measured from the top of your shoulder, over your bust till the desired length.